About Me

My name is Renlay or Ren for short. My friends sometimes call me Lexi.

For a while now I’ve aspired to work on many large projects. All of which, are crammed onto this website that I’ve created. My goal is to complete one at a time while putting little bits into the others as I go.

Currently I’m slowly working on making an animal only based Survival MMO RPG with classes, world boss fights, and more.  I also have a Patreon set up for my video game if you’re interested in it’s progress and want to support it so I can work on it more frequently!

If you wish to support my art, please take a look at my prices, TOS, and commission form, all that can be viewed here if you have the chance.

Since I’m the only one managing the website I hope I will be able to properly guide you all around the website. I will try and listen to any critiquing that many of you may have so that it will help me develop this website for the future.  I will be using this website to organize all of my artwork and projects in which you can find on the menu. If you see anything that should be added or have any suggestions, feel free to contact me @ renlayrenee@yahoo.com and mark it about the website! :>

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